Ten10 is built around the 5D's namely Discovery, Design, Develop, Deploy and Dedicate

Ten10 5D Methodology

1. Discovery

We take 2 days to 2 weeks to know your business requirements in detail We conduct discovery meetings with key stakeholders, subject matter experts and end users to understand the client’s business requirement, pain points, business rules, existing IT system, legacy data, workflow definitions, compliance, regulations and integrations to other systems, data migration, project charter, rollout approach, existing data, reports and forms.

The end result of this Discovery Phase will be a clear understanding of your business at the macro and micro levels and also a cohesive working relationship with your team [SME, users] and tremendous buy in from everyone who will be involved in the project.

2. Design

It will take us 2 to 4 weeks to convert your business requirement into functional and technical design and arrive at an implementation plan that will suit your needs.

We document use cases, functional requirements, analyze, identify and map the fits-gaps into the product model. Build test cases to ensure the business, functional, technical requirements are met and delivered as per the scope at the end.

The design phase will ensure the priority, implementation sequence, critical path issues, risks and constraints that need to be handled during the development and deployment phases. The end result of the Design Phase will be a fixed scope, time, cost, resource, project plan for a successful delivery of your project.

3. Development

We plan for monthly milestones and 2 iterations for a milestone.

Milestones releases are structured in a way considering both business priority as well as product implementation sequence. We complete development, perform testing in the local testing environment. The test cases in the test case document are executed and released to customer for UAT testing.

4. Deployment

We make releases for each iteration in the client environment [UAT]. These releases are planned with the customer, providing the time to customer to test and feedback for every release.

Upon successful acceptance of the UAT release for major milestones, we deploy the software in pre-production and seek acceptance from the customer.

We provide appropriate release notes, configuration manual, schema changes and code changes for every release to the customer.

5. Dedicate

After a period of 2 – 6 weeks after Go Live, we provide Operations and support service for the software we delivered. The service level agreement and standard operating procedures will be defined for the dedicate service.

Ten10 Framework

This Framework is evolved using the best principles of service management. It has the 5D methodology, extensive set of Open source tools for the entire 5D and a structured team structure to execute the services with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

The highlight of the framework is the Ten10 Audit check list, which ensures the services are thoroughly checked in our factory, before we deliver it to the customer.

Discovery and Design Deliverables

  • Business requirement specifications
  • Story Board
  • RTVM
  • Functional specification
  • ER Diagram
  • Solution Architecture Document
  • Test cases with test data
  • Report Templates
  • Chart of Accounts

Discovery and Design - Non Deliverables

  • Audio files [sound recordings of meetings]
  • Video files [Discovery and design Discussion videos]
  • Images – [Images of white board discussions]
  • Organization chart
  • Access control List
  • Active directory services Information
  • Technical requirements [hardware environment]
  • Minutes of the meeting

Develop and Deploy Deliverables

  • Source code
  • Schema changes
  • Functional test cases
  • Configuration plan
  • Release Notes
  • Daily user work flow videos
  • Binary – Installation Kit
  • Shell scripts

Develop and Deploy – Non Deliverable

  • AD specification
  • Technical specification
  • Situation Problem Solution document
  • Code review document
  • SQL review document
  • Patch update sheet
  • Audit checklist

Ten10 Features

  • The key feature of this framework is to Go Live iteratively. This feature has helped the customer to get the key business needs automated in a shorter time frame
  • The framework follows the Agile Methodology for the entire software life cycle. This ensures quicker iterations in discovery and design
  • Key stakeholder’s acceptance and involvement are embedded as part of the methodology to guarantee successful delivery
  • Ten10 has detailed process, procedures and the right set of tools to measure quality at the Micro Level for the services offered. Environments are maintained to simulate the client side and the results are tested before delivery
  • The rich ingredients of Ten10 allows the breakdown and execution of tasks at micro level. This provides transparency of the service execution to the customers for Time, Cost and Quality
  • Ten10 follows an extensive Set of Deliverables and sign off procedures. This helps long term maintenance of the software applications