Ten10 Quality Framework

Ten10 Quality

Incorporating patterns always helps attain the destination or design we ought to arrive, within a minimal time’s effort. When a pattern is followed, the output can be expected to fulfill the requirement within a short period with high quality. This mantra has been incorporated in our quality services.

Dynamic market trends like increase in supply chain complexity, more customer demand and ever changing technology induces Business and its software applications to adapt these changes really quick and compete in the market.

Tenth Planet’s Quality Service ensures highest quality of software is delivered to our clients by managing Source Code Integrity, Build Early Build Often activity, readymade Testing Stencil and Test Automation process and finally by performing a 24 Point Audit Checklist before every release.

"Ten10 Quality Framework"

Ten10 Ten10 Quality Framework

Ten10 Practices

Our Quality team is involved right from the beginning phase of the project and ensures the test coverage meets the requirement scope. Hardware, Software environment replication is done and a prototype is tested in the replicated environment.

The software licensing related queries are discussed upfront to know the nature of production environment. Project test data is configured using the client’s legacy data.

We manage software installations by periodic releases to UAT, Pre-production and Production environment. Software review and sign off from client side business analyst in each of the release environment is a must. We plan agile iterative releases and thus requirements, scope deviations if any, are captured during the early stages of the project. Every release is well documented and adheres to strict release version policies.

A centralized incident management portal is maintained at both ends (offshore & onsite) to effectively track the internal and client side incidents.

Ten10 Activities

Source Control Integrity

Quality team is responsible for managing the source control (Branching, Tagging). Developers are provided with the access credentials to connect the source control system to check out and check in the project’s files. Source Control is scheduled with nightly and daily backup.

Build Early and Build Often

Our Build early, build often (BEBO) practice helps to address source code integration challenges upfront and avoids last minute code discrepancies.

24 Point Audit

Right from the release plan until the production deployment, all process and the deliverables are audited. Auditing covers source code merging, source code tagging, source code review, test cases and testing verification.

Test cases review, approval by TFG, approval by customer and impact analysis in case of any changes happened will be audited under test cases verification. Testing status update on all test environments like Local, UAT, Pre-production and Bugs posting will be audited under testing verification.

Auditing also verifies that unit testing is executed by the developer with updated with test results, FS and ER diagram.

All people involved in the project release reviews and signs the audit checklist.