Ten10 Tools

Quick Test Professional (QTP)

Which supports testing of windows and web based applications

  •  Quick Test Professional (QTP) is a functional automation testing tool
  •  It uses the VB Script scripting language
  •  We use QTP for regression testing of swing based Compiere
  •  Although QTP is usually used for “UI Based”


Selenium allows writing automated web application

  •  Selenium is an open source automation testing framework
  •   We use selenium for testing J2EE and .NET based web applications
  •  It provides the ability to record
  •  Selenium Grid allows to run tests in parallel on multiple machines
  •  Selenium consists of IDE, Web Driver and Grid


Ant and integrated with Jenkins for Continuous integration

  •  Ant is an open source tool for automating the build process
  •  Build scripts are created using Ant and integrated with Jenkins
  •  We use ant to generate build script for all the java based applications
  •   Simpler and easier to use than GNU Make

Sub Version

Rabbit SVN – Source control client tool for Linux environment

  •  Sub version (also called “SVN”) is an open source version control tool
  •  Rabbit SVN – Source control client tool for Linux environment (SVN)
  •  Tortoise SVN – Source control client tool for Windows environment
  •  SVN helps to maintain the project’s source code


The development of test driven development(TDD)

  •  JUnit is an open source unit testing framework for Java
  •  JUnit is of great importance for the development of test
  •  One of the unit testing framework which is collectively knows as xUnit
  •  We have integrated Ant with JUnit


Jenkins comes with lot of plug-ins to support

  •  Jenkins is an open source continuous integration tools
  •  build the application and deploy the application in test server
  •  We use Jenkins extensively for all the projects
  •  Can Publish results and send email notifications


External (Client Side) Bug tracking

  •  An open source web based bug tracking tool for tracking the defects
  •   A defined bug life cycle helps to track the bug’s status efficiently
  •  We use Bugzilla for both Internal and Client Side Bug tracking
  •   We can track the time spent for each bug easily

Test Link

Test Management tool to manage the requirements

  •  An open source web based Test Management tools
  •  The contains, test plans, test environments and executions
  •  We use Test link extensively to manage the test cases and executions
  •  We have created test cases for each domain and listed


Time management are centrally managed by us using Basecamp

  •  Basecamp is a web-based project management tool
  •  A new version was launched in 2012
  •  It's support Document, Task and Time management