Delivering open source service efficiently.
On time. On budget. High value result.

Why Ten10 at TenthPlanet

We deliver what we promise. We guarantee what we deliver

Ten10 is our Service delivery management framework designed using Information Technology Infrastructure Library, Agile & Balanced scorecard methodology.


What is Ten10

Ten10 is the TenthPlanet service management framework, to deliver open source services. This framework was evolved by our extensive experience in delivering services since 2002.

Ten10 provides assurance to our services in terms of time, cost and quality. We use this framework to deliver service in various platforms like ERP, BI and Web 2.0


Ten10 5D methodology (Discovery, Design, Develop, Deploy and Dedicate) is evolved using the best principles of service management. It has the extensive set of Open source tools.


TenthPlanet’s Quality Service ensures highest quality of software is delivered to our clients by managing Source Code Integrity, Build Early Build Often activity, readymade.


This Framework is evolved using the best principles of service management. All our services are thoroughly tested using Ten10 Tools in our factory, before we deliver it to the customer.