What is Ten10?

Ten10 is the Service Management framework, to deliver open source services. This framework was evolved by our extensive experience in delivering services over the past 12 years.

Ten10 provides assurance to our services in terms of time, cost and quality. We use this framework to deliver service in various platforms like ERP, BI and Web 2.0

Ten10 Process Steps

Ten10 Features

  • The key feature of this framework is to Go Live iteratively. This feature has helped the customer to get the key business needs automated in a shorter time frame
  • The framework follows the Agile Methodology for the entire software life cycle. This ensures quicker iterations in discovery and design
  • Key stakeholder’s acceptance and involvement are embedded as part of the methodology to guarantee successful delivery
  • Ten10 has detailed process, procedures and the right set of tools to measure quality at the Micro Level for the services offered. Environments are maintained to simulate the client side and the results are tested before delivery
  • The rich ingredients of Ten10 allows the breakdown and execution of tasks at micro level. This provides transparency of the service execution to the customers for Time, Cost and Quality
  • Ten10 follows an extensive Set of Deliverables and sign off procedures. This helps long term maintenance of the software applications

Ten10 5D Methodology

    Ten10 is built around the 5D’s namely Discovery, Design, Develop, Deploy and Dedicate.

  • We take 2 days to 2 weeks to know your business requirements in detail.
  • It will take us 2 to 4 weeks to convert your business requirement into functional and technical design.
  • We plan for monthly milestones and 2 iterations for a milestone.
  • We provide appropriate release notes, configuration manual, schema changes and code changes for every release to the customer.
  • After a period of 2 – 6 weeks after Go Live, we provide Operations and support service for the software we delivered.

Ten10 Quality

Incorporating patterns always helps attain the destination or design we ought to arrive, within a minimal time’s effort. When a pattern is followed, the output can be expected to fulfill the requirement within a short period with high quality. This mantra has been incorporated in our quality services.

Dynamic market trends like increase in supply chain complexity, more customer demand and ever changing technology induces Business and its software applications to adapt these changes really quick and compete in the market.

Tenth Planet’s Quality Service ensures highest quality of software is delivered to our clients by managing Source Code Integrity, Build Early Build Often activity, readymade Testing Stencil and Test Automation process and finally by performing a 24 Point Audit Checklist before every release.

Ten10 Tools


Quick Test Professional (QTP) is a functional automation testing tool.It uses the VB Script scripting language.


Ant is an open source tool for automating the build process.Simpler and easier to use than GNU Make.


Sub version (also called “SVN”) is an open source version control tool.SVN helps to maintain the project’s source code.


Document management, Task management and Time management are centrally managed by us using Basecamp.


We use Jenkins extensively to perform the continuous integration (Auto build & deploy).


We use Bugzilla for both internal and client side defect tracking with a defined life cycle.